The award winning Canadian Alternative Rock independent recording artist “Bombargo” released their compelling debut release titled, “Back on Main”, engineered and co-produced by S.J. Kardash (The Deep Dark Woods, The Sheepdogs), as well as unleashing the music video for the song, “Precious Time”, that has garnered thousands of YouTube views. 

The community-minded energy of the group, led Bombargo to create a fund, by donating all online proceeds from their debut release to the residents of Northern Saskatchewan in Canada, who are displaced and negatively affected by the annual ravaging forest fires in the region.

This dedicated group of prolific writers have already recorded two new singles to be released over the coming weeks (Spring 2016) and have an upcoming full-length album completed and ready for release in the latter part of the year. The band says, “We are all about building momentum, embracing our fan base and relentlessly performing.”

Bombargo’s musical landscape delivers a punchy, energetic conviction, that infuses a hint of blues and soul into their alternative rock vibe, creating a synergy that embodies the unique sum of all of the musical personalities of the group. Songs that captivate the listener through powerful and inspiring messages, that explore the universal themes like; self-belief, unlimited potential and pursuing dreams.

The band built their reputation on the intense, raw energy of their performances. Bombargo truly connects to their audiences on multiple levels and have a growing fan base that supports the band at all of their “Sold Out” shows in regional cities that include; Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and Lloydminster, to name a few. Bombargo thrives on the high octane energy that they share with their fans, at every show!

“Bombargo won the prestigious award, on the ‘Top 10 Best Albums of 2016’ list, presented by Sask Music and they have been selected to showcase their repertoire at Canadian Music Week 2016.” The group will also be performing at select music industry conferences across North America in 2016, as well as many Festival bookings, a Western Canada tour in early 2016 and a national tour across Canada, later in 2016.

A US tour is being planned and talks of a world tour within the next 5 years are included in the vision of this focused Canadian band whose “Adventures include: Climbing mountains around the world, surfing and snowboarding, and a Guinness World Record”

The best is yet to come for Bombargo, who have hired a team of respected industry professionals to help the group reach the level of success that their hard work, determination, dedication, skill and energy, deserve. A grounded, methodical, fun-loving and humble team: Nathan Thoen, Spencer Chilliak, Phil Kashap, Graham Tilsley – Bombargo!



Date: May 14th
Door: 6:00 pm
Dinner: 6-7 pm
Tickets: $20